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Samk Khoza, also known as Samplayze, a 26-year-old gaming and esports expert from Soweto, currently operating and residing in Johannesburg. With over 10 years of experience in gaming and content creation, Samplayze has become a prominent figure in the gaming and esports scene. His social media profiles serve as a platform to promote brands through unique and engaging content. Samplayze also provides assistance to businesses operating within the gaming industry, offering services such as social media management, talent management, content production, and presenting. Through his work, Samplayze aims to contribute to the growth and development of the gaming and esports industry..

Grant Hinds

Grant’s experience in broadcast television, national radio, YouTube and livestreaming on Twitch is the root of his passion for the mediums.

He has produced videos alongside some of the biggest stars in the world, hosted TedX and covered all the world’s biggest video game events.

Jessica Hinds

Hi! I’m Jess, a Twitch Affiliate and gaming content creator based in Cape Town who goes by ArchangelAmbel online.

Typically, I play a variety of games from classic horror titles to obscure indie platformers as well as a weekly community stream. When I’m not streaming, I’m a full-time content creator in the gaming scene.

I also present gaming news and create content for local TV and online media as well as guest lectured on live streaming. I’ve recently been nominated in two categories for the GameHers Awards 2021 (Top Twitch Streamer of the Year & Rising Star: Streamer) as well as hosted the Girl Gamer Festival in Cape Town.

Sam Aberdeen

Gaming and entertainment journalist based in Johannesburg. Sam’s profile of work includes writing for platforms in South Africa and the UK with the goal of bringing breaking video game stories, honest reviews and gaming industry developments to local and international readers. He is currently a writer for South Africa’s leading gaming and tech website, GLITCHED, and the chief editor of Nexus Hub.

Critical Arcade

Welcome to The Critical Arcade Podcast, the ultimate destination for all things gaming. Every week, our hosts Nick and Dave will be taking you on a journey through the world of video games, where they’ll be reviewing the greatest releases through time, as well as diving into the rich history of gaming.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking for an in-depth analysis of the newest triple-A title or a casual player looking for some nostalgia-fueled fun, Nick and Dave have got you covered. They’ll be sharing their thoughts on the biggest and best games out there, from the latest indie darling to a classic from the past.

But it’s not just about the games themselves, Nick and Dave will also be discussing the industry as a whole, covering the latest news and trends, and exploring the cultural impact that video games have on our society. They’ll also be talking to some of the biggest names in the industry, from developers to streamers, and getting their insights on the world of gaming.


Hii! I’m Litty, a streamer and gaming content creator in the xbox creator community, streaming Fortnite and Valorant, as well sharing playthroughs of horror and fantasy games on my YouTube.

When I’m not gaming I’m growing as a part time 3D animator and graphic designer.

Let’s dominate the gaming scene one victory royale at a time!

Dum Dum Die

Dum Dum Die is an all female, all awesome, all South African homebrew DnD actual play podcast and interactive livestream. They debuted in 2017, as a social experiment looking at how a group of diverse female roleplayers could change the perception of roleplaying in Africa and grow the roleplaying community in spaces where it had not reached before. They went from producing a podcast and DnD IRL videos, to a full-scale Twitch livestreaming operation.

Checkpoint Chat

Checkpoint Chat is an invitation to an all new gaming conversation. Hosted by seasoned writers Alessandro Barbosa (Gamespot, Critical Hit) and Matthew Figueira (Critical Hit), indulge yourself in discussion about games being played right now, weekly news and conversations with you, a listener.


It’s your kitty cult mommy 💕 I’m obsessed with cats and league of legends. I’m a streamer on twitch and kick (mainly kick), where I play a variety of games but focus on league 💕

Mid laner for ATK Valkyrie LoL team 💕 content creator for ATK ATK ATK 🔥 & cosplayer 🧚🏼‍♀️.

Come join the kitty cult <3 .

Marco Cocomello

Marco is the owner and founder of GLITCHED – South Africa’s largest gaming and pop culture website. When he’s not managing the daily runnings of a huge website he is filming ASMR videos and unboxings. He is a collector, retro gamer, tech enthusiast and can professionally calibrate your TV in under 60 seconds.

Mosola Studios

Mosola Studios (PTY) LTD is a small software studio in
Oudtshoorn. They first started as Mosola Game Studios, and
developed two online games, Barberhood, Haircut
Simulator, and Super Warrior Adventure with the success of
the two games, they landed 5th among South Africa’s top
game development companies in 2022 and 9th place in

Our vision is to uplift the community around us and teach
the youth that with hard work every dream is possible.

To empower Africans, and understand that
are the franchises we are what builds the

Tech Girl

Sam “Tech Girl” Wright is a recognised voice and face in global esports. She has worked as a desk host, interviewer and shoutcaster/commentator for a host of major gaming franchises. Originally from South Africa, Sam was able to carve a niche internationally in many competitive titles, however her focus is now predominantly on Counter-Strike and PUBG..


Nya :3 Well hello there…It’s lovely to meet your acquaintance. I am a day of the dead inspired kitty Vtuber from South Africa that is very much addicted to cozy games and coffee. If that sounds like your kind of vibe, why not come join the undead minion squad?

Bum Fluffski

Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2006.

I’m part-timer Twitch streamer, streaming a variety of games, virtual reality stuff, talk shows and an interactive music stream with South African musicians.

Furious Kitty

I’m Furious Kitty, an avid gamer, tech and setup enthusiast from South Africa. I’m a content creator and an aspiring streamer here on Twitch. I stream a variety of games and occasionally build some LEGO, so come hang out and join in on the chaos! ♥

Mo Shadows

Hi there! My name is Muhammad, known online as Mo Shadows. My main avenue of content creation is my Twitch channel where I stream twice a week.

My goal as a streamer is to create a safe space for everyone watching, a place where they can just chill out, be themselves and forget the stresses of the world. If I can make at least one person smile every time I hit that ‘Go Live’ button, then that’s a successful stream in my eyes.

“I’m here to make you smile, so go ahead and stay awhile!”


The original wholesome #SiegeDad that’s also a top bloke, according to MeatyMarley | Digital Media Marketer, Qualified Sound Engineer, Guitarist & Gamer since SEGA Mega Drive II


NaturalCauzes is a creative content creator on YouTube known for their captivating storytelling within various video games, they craft immersive story-styled movies that blend action, humor, and drama, providing viewers with unique and entertaining gaming experiences.

With a talent for using in-game footage and mechanics, NaturalCauzes brings virtual worlds to life. Their videos offer a delightful blend of adventure and emotion, making them a standout presence in the gaming community.

For the latest content and cinematic gaming adventures, you can explore NaturalCauzes’ YouTube channel and join the community of gamers who appreciate their storytelling prowess and creative gameplay experiences.

Canton Parker

All things creative storytelling and gaming.


Hey! I’m Dealz, twitch affiliate, cosplayer and aspiring content creator. I am mostly known for my seal like laugh in the community aka SEAL TEAM DEALZ! As well as being LOUD & PROUD like really you just cant have me above 10% 😂


❤️ That South African Furry ❤️

What do I put here? I don’t know.. I’m so confuuused!!! I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, but we are having fun and laughing while we are doing it!

I’m a variety streamer and I’m usually a Vtuber, but with FaceCam Fridays and face cam for special events! We have a wholesome and welcoming community with people from every corner of the planet and with so many different interests and hobbies!

❤️ Coffee Beans and Toe Beans! ❤️


ʏᴏᴜ ꜱɴᴏᴏᴢᴇ, ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏꜱᴇ💤 Your fav sleepy girl. Overwatch, Valorant, and Variety streamer. Strange things happen at the Slumber Party, join us!

Tech Valkyrie

Megan Ellis is a freelance technology and gaming journalist who runs a local technology blog called Tech Valkyrie. Based in Cape Town, her interests also include accessibility in gaming and demystifying tech in a way that is easy for ordinary people to understand.


Just a South African girl who wants to dabble in the streaming world. I’m the weakest link in games that involve pew pews, but I play them anyway. Tag along for some chaos and anarchy. THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!! Welcome to Salsa’s playground.


Hi there! My name is Storme, I am a South African gamer and Vtuber, you can expect some fun, laughs, silliness and a touch of newbie goodness from my streams. EVERYONE is welcome and appreciated here, come be part of our amazing community, we would love to have YOU!


Hey there , I’m spooodyyy a variety streamer and content creator from South Africa! I stream every single day on twitch and play A LOT of video games!

I am the definition of chaotic fun, join in and come take a peek at the madness!


Hi Hi, I am Vitrixe and I am a Transfem Vtuber from the Coast of South Africa. I strive to make my community as welcoming as possible while also playing basically any games. From Valo to Forza and everything in between, I hope to showcase some of my favourite games and have a laugh with my community
So grab a beach chair and listen to this Siren’s song.


Yo! I’m Codee, a Twitch Affiliate and content creator from Cape Town. I go by the names “Codeedawg” and “Gleza” online.

I tend to play a large variety of games from FPS shooters to Horror genres and Dating sims. I don’t just play games but do a lot of reaction content on my tiktok and whilst I live stream on twitch. I stream a couple times a week for hours on end, I am a high energy person most of the time.

I love engaging with my community and connecting with my viewers, feel free to come say hi. I connect with a lot of other streamers and do a lot of collabs on my streams so if you are free, come around for a little while.


Get your GAME FACE on!

I am GameFaceZA, a YouTube partner who specializes in Xbox games.

Here you will find Let’s Plays, Tips and Tricks and weekly Live Streams.

Games range from Open World RPGs to City Building/Management.

I don’t take myself too seriously and neither should you.


A variety stream whose Edgy and Sussy | South African | Creator, Producer, Director and Photographer. Gaming is my passion and I would love to be able to share all the good moments with viewers and friends. I stream all types of games but there are only a few I am actually good at.


Oh hello there.

OnlyFranz here or known as Franz or onlySweatfranz👀

I’m a variety South African content creator & streamer on Twitch and on YouTube, I create GMV’s ( game music videos) of the games I enjoy playing such as Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, Fortnite and many more.